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Armpit Incision in Breast Augmentation

Transaxillary incision is a technique used in breast augmentation that uses an incision site on either armpits or underarm areas. This is one of the few techniques used that require no cutting of the breasts thus hiding the scarring marks from the surgery.

Before proceeding with the breast augmentation, it would be best to consult and find a cosmetic surgeon who is comfortable with using transaxilliary incision. The worst thing you can do is choose a doctor who hasn’t performed enough armpit incision in his breast augmentation surgeries because he may be comfortable with other types of incisions except for armpit incision.

In order to avoid any dilemma post-operative, you should ask your plastic surgeon what kind of incision he might be using during the procedure. If he suggests an incision type that you’re not comfortable with, you should look for other cosmetic surgeon who can provide you with an operation that includes the type of incision you prefer.

How is the Procedure Done?

As mentioned, armpit incision in breast augmentation is made on the underarm, particularly on the natural folds of the armpits. The size of the incisions could be between 1 and 1.5 inches long which typically depends on the type and size of implants that will be inserted. If the patient requested for an inflatable saline implants, the incision size may be smaller but if the implants to be inserted are pre-filled saline or silicon gel filled implants, the incision size may be larger.

Endoscopically, the cosmetic surgeon will create tunnels or channels where the implants are to be inserted and placed. If an inflatable saline implants are to be used, the surgeon will roll it up like a cigarette, insert it into the tunnel and properly place it before filling it up with the saline.

Armpit incision in breast augmentation can be used to place implants in the three positions available – subglandular, partial submuscular, and complete submuscular. Some surgeons prefer using armpit incisions when performing submuscular breast implants since they can have full control and accuracy while placing the implants across the muscle area below the breasts.

Advantages of Armpit Incision

  • Hiding the Scar

One of the biggest advantages of having a breast implant with the use of armpit incision is the ability to hide the scar. Since the underarm area is always concealed, not unless you raise your arms, the scar from the surgery is nowhere to be seen.

  • Flexibility with Implant Placement

Transaxilliary incision allows the plastic surgeon to precisely work with any of the three placement positions when using underarm incision. So whether a patient chooses subglandular, partial submuscular or full submuscular placement, the plastic surgeon can easily maneuver endoscopically while cutting through the muscles and tissues for the breast implant placement.

  • Lesser Breastfeeding Complications

In most cases, women who have undergone breast augmentation using armpit incision didn’t experience any difficulty breastfeeding their infant. This is due to the fact that the surgical procedure didn’t get in contact with the breast ducts which are responsible for milk excretion. If you’re to consider having children in the future and would want to breastfeed them, armpit incision is the best way to go for breast augmentation.

Disadvantages of Armpit Incision

  • Implant Size Dependability

Not every breast implant surgery can use underarm incision because this can solely depend on the type and size of implants a patient has chosen. If the patient opted for silicon gel filled implants that are too big for the incision size, the plastic surgeon won’t be able to insert the implants through the incision. Other incision methods should be used otherwise.

  • Additional Scarring for Follow-Up Surgery

At some point in a breast augmentation patient’s life, she is bound to have a follow-up surgery, perhaps to replace the implants due to leakage of some sort. If she has undergone armpit incision on her first surgery, the plastic surgeon won’t be able to use the same incision for her follow-up surgery. She could still choose armpit incision however, another incision should be made on another location of her armpits thus rendering additional scarring afterwards.

  • Possible Breast Asymmetry

Although rarely reported, there is a possible breast asymmetry or unevenness of the breasts post op breast augmentation with armpit incision. This is due to the fact that the surgeon has to work a few inches away from the breasts and there’s a possibility that the placement of both implants won’t be nearly as precise as compared to incision types that directly work on the breasts themselves.

In order to avoid this kind of dilemma, a patient must choose a plastic surgeon that is comfortable and experienced with armpit incision in breast augmentation.